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System Requirements, Installation, and Technical Support

System Requirements
The driver has been tested only with Red Hat 7.1, which requires a Linux kernel V2.4 and is not backwardly compatible with V2.2. This driver supports AMR (Intel chipset only), PCI I, and PCI II hardware platforms. System requirements are otherwise the same as for PCI modems.

NOTE: To maximize modem performance, enable Direct Memory Access (DMA) for your Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) hard drives. Enabling DMA on your system may require an 80-pin cable for your IDE drives. Please consult your PC manufacturer or system documentation.

The SM56 Linux driver does not support Symmetric MultiProcessing (SMP) or concurrent processing by multiple processors.

To upgrade the SM56 Linux driver, first remove the previous RPM and then install the current version. To remove the previous RPM issue the following command logged in as root:

#rpm -e sm56

To install the driver, copy the RPM file to your system and issue the following commands logged in as root:

#rpm -Uvh sm56-85.1-10.i386.rpm
#sm56setup [country-code]

The default country code is the United States. See the SM56 manpage for a list of valid country codes.

Technical Support
While we provide a fully functional SM56 data/fax softmodem for Linux, no customer support is available for this driver. Use it at your own discretion.