Installation USB Modem Linux.

Drivers: Use For:
Mandrake 9 KPN PPP Driver KPN ADSL (Mx-Stream)
Mandrake 9 Versatel DHCP Driver New Zonnet Family Connections (no username / password needed; starting feb. 2003)
Mandrake 9 Versatel PPP Driver Zonnet Family

ex. for Versatel PPP: log-in as a root

1. tar -zvxf CA80UEL030116VES_PPP.tar.gz
2. cd ca80u_mandrake_90
3. ./install
4. plug the usb cable to adsl usb modem
4. ./connect
5. ifconfig hsb0 up
6. dhcpcd hsb0

A. From step 4 to step 5 some time will fail for the device not ready . if fail please retry step 5
B. Step 6 will take almost 1 to 3 minutes( depends on machine ) .

Let op: Als u bij stap 6 'bash: unknown command: dhcpcd' krijgt, dan moet u de dhcpcd rpm installeren. Deze kunt u vinden op de Mandrake installatie cd.

Note : If step 6 fails with 'bash: unknown command dhcpcd', you need to install the dhcpcd rpm package from the Mandrake install cd.